Q. Will you receive spam?
A. No, they operate a strict no-spam policy, and  can assure you that you will never receive spam from them.

Q. Is it real?
A. It most certainly is. It's an advertising scheme to get more people looking at some of the offers which we are affiliated with. Basically, when a user completes one of the offers on our site (e.g. LOVEFiLM) we get paid by the advertiser. This way, we can cover the cost of your free gift and still make a small profit. A lot of TV programmes and magazines have featured this sort of advertising, including BBC and the Wired magazine - so you can feel confident that it is genuine.

Q. Is there a catch?
A. No, there is not. It just requires some effort on your part to get the referrals. If you do what it takes to get referralls you'll get free item.

Q. Where can I get more info?

Q. I'm ready to get my gift. What do I do?